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We recomend the following places to visit the Veraval - Somnath Region. Our service are frequeant to following areas, We also familiar with the local tourist attraction such as Sasan, Diu, Dwarka and others,Talk about our Prime Position, We are on the right middle of the world known places Veraval - Somnath to Dwarika, Diu to Sasan and also the Gadh - Girnar. More to that Veraval is the biggest Lending Port for the Marbine Industry for various Fishes, and We dominated all the Export Units and All the Tourist Places.


Gondal once served as the capital city of former princely state which was ruled by the erstwhile, respected and royal Jadeja - Rajput clan. The walled town or rather the fortified city is situated on the banks of river Gondali. The current state of the city of Gondal is a testimony to the legendary and visionary ruler Sir Bhagwatsinhji. Sir Bhagwatsinhji not only personally pioneered social reforms in the state but he alsodesigned the development pattern of the town.

Sir Bhagwatsinhji's lofty education and hisfrequent visits to Europemolded his artistic ideas and sensibilities. One can see the direct authority of that in the architecture and planning of the city built during his tenure.

Constructed back in the 17th century, the beautifully grand Navlakha palace remains as the oldest buildings in Gondal. The Navlakha Palace houses an awe inspiring old world charm. Its stand out architectural elements includes astonishingly carved arches, striking balconies, impressive courtyards and gorgeous spiral staircases. Moreover, the Navlakha Palace also houses an attractive private museum inside its grand complex. The durbar hall of the palace is also graced by some beautiful artifacts, graceful animals, an array of majestic wooden furniture’s and more. The Navlakha Place and its complex lives upto its reputation of being the oldest and arguably the most beautiful building in the town of Gondal. The Navlakha palace is situated on the riverbank of river Gondali. Based on a grand stone; the Navlakha palace scales up to the monumental height of at least 30 meters above the riverbed.

The approach to the palace is through the high and lofty gateways that share their space with the grand clock tower from the side of the town. Once you are done admiring the beauty of these humongous and graceful gateways, the entrance makes way to a huge open space with administrative blocks. On the opposite end, a grand staircase with railings leads to the finely and artistically carved pavilions on the terrace. The 17th century palace also boasts of ‘The grand Darbar Hall’. Huge windows make way to an elongated gallery that offers stunning and mesmerizing view of the river.

The Darbar hall at the Navlakha Palace showcases several exquisite and charming elements like luxurious chandeliers, stuffed panthers and antique Belgian mirrors. The Private palace also houses some of the most valued gifts, artifacts and letters written to the king by several noted personalities on his 50th birthday.

Sasan Gir
Bet Dwarka
Under Hotel Ajanta,
Opp S.T Bus - Stand
Veraval - 362265
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