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We recomend the following places to visit the Veraval - Somnath Region. Our service are frequeant to following areas, We also familiar with the local tourist attraction such as Sasan, Diu, Dwarka and others,Talk about our Prime Position, We are on the right middle of the world known places Veraval - Somnath to Dwarika, Diu to Sasan and also the Gadh - Girnar. More to that Veraval is the biggest Lending Port for the Marbine Industry for various Fishes, and We dominated all the Export Units and All the Tourist Places.


on the western coast of saurashtra, gujarat, lies the harbour city of porbandar, better known as the birth-place (janmabhoomi) of gandhiji - the father of the nation. porbandar is extremely rich in natural resources. itís lengthy sea-shore, rivers, lakes, hills, valleys, fields, desolate plains, grasslands are all natureís gift to this land. porbandar is a district by itself, with a population figure of 5 lakhs. it has all modern facilities such as broadguage railways lines, domestic air service, state government as well as private luxury bus services and above all a fully operational port of international standards.

In the present day Gujarat state, at Porbandar town, on October 2, 1869 was born Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, whose father happened to the Chief Minister(Dewan) of Porbandar His mother, though a deep worshipper of Lord Vishnu, was very much influenced by one of the branches of the Hinduism called Jainism, which believed in non-violence and strict self Ė discipline. At the age of 19, Mohandas went abroad to study Law at London at the Inner Temple, one of Londonís four law colleges. In mid 1891, after coming back from abroad, he opened up law office at Bombay which came to naught. As a corollary, he had to accept a job with an Indian firm which sent him to South Africa to its office. For a period of two decades, Gandhi and his family, consisting of his wife Kasturbai and children, lived there.

The prevalent racial discrimination which as an Indian immigrant Gandhi received in South Africa was simply atrocious to him. In a Durban city court, when a European Magistrate summarily ordered him to take off his turban, he walked off in a huff from the court room. On another occasion, in a first class compartment, while on way to Pretoria, an intolerant white stage coach driver beat Gandhi up when he refused to vacate his seat in favour of an European passenger. That train journey became a turning point in Gandhiís life (also mankind historyís) when a new concept called satyagraha (truth+resistane) was born, as a way for protesting with authorities, by showing non-cooperation with authorities.

Including women, miners were flogged and some wee even shot. Finally under the pressure from the Government of India as well as British, Gandhi and General Smuts worked out a compromise and several important concessions like the abolition of poll tax and abolition of Indian marriages were accepted by South African Government.

Sasan Gir
Bet Dwarka
Under Hotel Ajanta,
Opp S.T Bus - Stand
Veraval - 362265
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